Saturday, May 17, 2014

Reliable Auto Body repair in Palos Verdes: What Car Owners Should Know

An AOL article by auto parts expert Stan Markuze discusses some things a car owner should know when having his or her car repaired. Knowing the best body shop in the city and going for the ideal car parts are among the basics an owner should be aware of for best results.

On Car Insurance and Auto Body Repairs

Before any car accident occurs, it is best for a car owner to already know which El Segundo insurance auto body repair shop to come to. Car insurance companies usually have a list of available collision centers they can contact for auto repairs, but the car owner still has a right to choose which center he wants his car to be repaired at. The concept of reliability is very important, as insurance companies usually select collision centers with lower service prices yet can accomplish a job in a surprisingly fast time.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Collision Centers in Hermosa Beach Recommend Tips on Insurance Buying

Determine their reputation

Check the insurance company’s reputation for settling claims. Find out how long it normally takes for the company to process claims and pay them off.

Look at complaints

Do not forget to look at the complaints ratio of the company. This shows the number of complaints they received against the number of complaints they settled. If the ratio exceeds two, the company is probably unreliable.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Repairs Done Right: Selecting the Right Auto Body Shop in Torrance

Repairing a car is a lot trickier than it seems, since the degree of damage varies between each case. While it’s entirely possible to simply replace the ruined parts or purchase a completely new automobile, such options aren’t always economical. The more feasible option would be to take the damaged vehicle to a capable and certified body shop in Torrance, such as Jim and Jack’s Collision Center.

Some car damages, such as scratches, can be easily addressed with a new coat of paint. However, more grievous cases involving dented, crushed, and missing parts will need more than just powder coating to restore them. If these damages aren’t handled professionally, then the vehicles might suffer from botched repairs, which can endanger the lives of motorists.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Visiting an El Segundo Auto Body Shop for Car Corrosion Restoration

Corrosion is often an underestimated problem in automobiles; they always start small, yet if left unattended, can develop into full-blown mechanical concerns. Simply painting over the damage caused by rust won’t fix the problem. To completely restore a badly corroded vehicle, motorists should seek the services of a professional El Segundo auto body center.

Rust can deteriorate and eat away metal parts, and can spread from one component to another. Car parts affected by rust will lose durability and become unreliable in a collision. Also, it doesn’t take much for exterior corrosion to creep inside the car. And once it does, the automobile could suffer from a variety of performance drops.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fixer-Upper: Choosing a Reliable and Skilled Body Shop in Inglewood

Even the most superficial of vehicular damage shouldn’t be underestimated. Car collisions are sure to rattle the interior mechanisms of automobiles, and drivers should be wary of such hidden dangers. For a complete car repair job that covers the exterior and interior, motorists should have the restoration done by a reliable body shop in Inglewood, such as Jim and Jack’s Collision Center.

Collision repair is a highly specialized field of automotive service that requires a lot of skill and experience. Only trained technicians are authorized to provide complete car repair following a catastrophic crash. A good collision repair technician will know when to restore a part or completely replace it with a new one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Finding an Auto Body Shop in Hermosa Beach that Deals with Aluminum

As the Bloomberg article mentions, there is a need for body shops that are equipped and trained to deal with aluminum-made vehicles. With the many different shops in California, it is vital for would-be 2015 F-150 owners to find an auto body shop in Hermosa Beach who can get the job done.

Experience matters

As veteran collision repair trainer Jeff Poole explains, experience does play a big role when it comes to meeting the challenges brought about by aluminum. It is therefore imperative that F-150 owners should start to look for some of the more well-established collision centers in the area, like Jim & Jack’s. These auto repair shops bring more than experience to the table, as they are also updated when it comes to the latest equipment and sophisticated technologies.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Value of an El Segundo Insurance for Auto Body Repair and Services

Moreover, having your vehicle protected by a comprehensive insurance coverage will lessen the financial burden, in case you injure another driver, another vehicle, your passengers, and yourself.
Some accidents can be very costly because a great amount of money is required for repairs or settlements, and a comprehensive coverage will take much of the impact on your finances.

So take note of the facilities offering auto body repair in Palos Verdes and nearby areas and go for a facility that offers services that go beyond the actual repairs of your vehicle.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Why You Need to Take Your Car in a Collision Center in Redondo Beach

Look for collision centers in Hermosa Beach and nearby areas that are known for exceptional repairs covering not only external vehicle parts of vehicles but also the internal parts. This is one of the most crucial factors you need to consider as some damages, regardless of how big or small they seem to be from the outside, may have affected vital systems inside the vehicle. Go to a trusted repair shop like Jim & Jack’s Collision Center which is known for its comprehensive repairs.

Additionally, look for facilities that offer services like comprehensive insurance assistance and towing services. Turn to repair facilities that are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and other relevant groups. Keep in mind that driving is a serious responsibility which includes maintaining your car and keeping it in tip-top shape.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Proper Car Maintenance with Help from Hermosa Beach Collision Centers

Collision centers in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and other parts of California, can be relied on to fix damages on vehicles that have figured in accidents. In many cases, however, vehicle problems arise simply because car owners neglect to observe proper maintenance. An article in ABCNews lists some of the basic maintenance steps that owners often overlook.

One of these steps, and a fundamental one at that, is oil checks and changes. Regular oil change is very important as the car needs good lubrication to function properly. Likewise running on low oil level can lead to a roadside breakdown.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Have a Trusted Auto Body Shop in Torrance Complete Necessary Repairs

Likewise, hiring an approved auto shop can help save time so while looking online, owners may check the shop’s insurance affiliations to see if the company can help. Even if car owners are not required to hire approved companies, taking their vehicles to an affiliated shop with an excellent record is a good option.

Insurance companies and auto body shops work together to make it easy for car owners to restore their vehicles back to its pre-accident condition.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Competent Body Shop in Torrance Can Fully Restore a Car’s Glory

    “Measured at around 40 feet across and 25 to 30 feet deep, the sinkhole swallowed eight rare Chevrolet Corvettes in a matter of minutes. Grief-stricken museum employees were forced to move the other 20 cars out of the Skydome building to safer ground and engineers are currently assessing what to do next.

    General Motors has already made it clear that it plans to help, announcing Thursday that it will oversee the restoration of all Corvettes damaged. Not only did GM own two of the cars damaged in the sinkhole collapse, but it also donated several of the other Corvettes affected, including one of the jewels of the collection: the 1-millionth Corvette ever built.”

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How Owners Can Avoid Unplanned Visits to an El Segundo Auto Body Shop

Another reminder that many car owners should know is keeping the car in shape through regular tune up and maintenance. No matter how responsible a driver is on the road, a car in poor condition is just as likely to cause an accident as a reckless driver.

Being a responsible driver and keeping the car in good shape through regular maintenance do not totally eliminate accidents. After all, there are various other factors that may cause road mishaps. For this reason, there are reliable Playa del Rey auto body shops like Jim & Jack’s Collision Center that can successfully restore most vehicles to their brand new condition.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Factors that Influence the Pricing of El Segundo Auto Body Repair

    “If you find yourself in a position where you have to decide whether or not to make a repair, have the general condition of the car checked. Most shops will charge a nominal fee for this, but it is well worth it before you commit yourself to a decision you may regret later.”

Many of today’s auto body shops provide fixed-rate services, which is based on book time. This means that these shops pay their technicians by the hour, but the individual hourly rate is adjusted based on the technician’s experience.

Monday, April 21, 2014

BAR Program Can Test Work of Every Body Shop in Inglewood, Rest of CA

By doing so, the BAR not only sees to it that consumers’ safety requirements and service needs are met. They also have a way to determine which businesses in the state fall short of standards, and can therefore be able to address these accordingly. They also encourage vehicle owners to be more conscious about the condition of their cars.

“To the untrained eye, it can be hard to tell if a repair was done correctly and whether or not the vehicle’s safety has been compromised,” Bureau Chief Patrick Dorais was quoted as saying by The Lake County News. “This program is very easy to participate in and provides consumers with peace of mind about any auto body repairs they may have had performed.”

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Body Shop in Inglewood Will Repair Car Problems Caused by Potholes

An Inglewood auto body shop can repair the various damages caused by a pothole, which can range from relatively simple dents on tire rims, to more complicated suspension problems. A thorough inspection may be necessary to check if the front end of the vehicle has suffered physical damages as well.

If the AAA’s prediction holds true, many such inspections and repairs will be carried out this year.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

How Does a Body Shop in Hermosa Beach Repaint a Car After a Collision?

Before service teams reach this point, you must have agreed with them on the type of paint and application method to be used. Remember: It’s not enough to find professionals who can match the factory color of your vehicle. They will also have to apply new paint in accordance with factory procedures. After all, paint is not just a cosmetic addition to a car. It is actually its first layer of protection against whatever could damage its body.

Choose a certified auto body shop in Hawthorne or Hermosa Beach and you can rest assured that the service team will complete all these steps while adhering to industry standards—and ultimately meeting your expectations.

Friday, April 18, 2014

DIY Disasters: Bring Your Car to a Body Shop in Hermosa Beach Instead

Perhaps the only thing standing between an excellently-spruced up vehicle and a sorry-looking DIY-repaired car is the cost involved. The right insurance coverage, however, should be able to eliminate this concern. A comprehensive insurance policy can cover almost all kinds of vehicle damage regardless of the cause, including potholes, icy roads, rails, or another vehicle.

Admittedly, negotiating with insurance companies can be difficult at times, but an established auto body shop in Hawthorne or Hermosa Beach, like Jim & Jack’s Collision Center, may also help with comprehensive insurance claims processing. With this kind of expert and reliable service, car owners do not have to resort to duct tape and cardboard fixes to restore their precious vehicles.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

El Segundo Insurance Auto Body Repair: Car Collision Insurance Claims

A road accident is every driver’s worst nightmare, even one that results to nothing more serious than vehicle damage. The hassle that the driver goes through for the insurance and repair process can be very stressful.

If you get into an accident, you would first need to check the kind of insurance coverage you have. Determining who is at-fault is also crucial, as the driver at-fault often has the burden of paying for the repair expenses of both parties in the accident. If you have a comprehensive policy, you can breathe more easily, knowing that your insurance can pay for most, if not all, of the car repair expenses. If you only have basic liability coverage and are at-fault, you may have to shell cash out of your own pocket to pay for the repairs of your own car.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dent Removal: Serious Business for a Redondo Beach Collision Center

Options for Do It Yourself (DIY) car repairs have been filling the Internet, giving alternative car repair tips to save money on professionals. While these guidelines may be tempting to try out, it is still best to leave damaged cars in the hands of the experts if one wants guaranteed professional results.

An article in describes the method of paintless dent removal as one of the simpler but riskier methods of putting a car’s surface back to its original form. Paintless dent removal can only be done if the dent left the paint intact, without any cracks or chips.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rely on a Body Shop in Torrance to Fix Car Damages from Accidents

Some car dents may be small enough that you can manually pop back the dent on your own. However, really big dents might need to be filled with a body filler and then painted over. The job can be easily done by anyone, but is difficult to do well. Having the pros do this for you can save you a lot of time and effort, while guaranteeing better results.

Broken lights and a few other exterior car parts, like side mirrors, may be easily replaced. Minor parts, such as lights and mirrors, are mostly compatible with any car model, and can function as well as the replaced part. Cracked lights are the most replaced parts in car collisions. Checking for the best alternatives in terms of price and use is highly recommended.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Make Your Car Look as Good as New with El Segundo Auto Body Detailing

Car detailing usually costs more than car washing for the simple reason that the former entails more attention to details and requires an immense amount of patience on the part of the mechanic or technician. The result, though, can be so good that it can leave you wondering if the detailed car was really that grimy vehicle you came in with. A detailing job can go as far as scouring interior recesses to remove dust buildups on handles and latches. A plethora of cleaning tools are needed to get the job done proficiently.

Many elect to have their vehicles detailed after experiencing allergies or when they see reselling opportunities. Detailing performed in a leading El Segundo body shop, like Jim & Jack’s Collision Center, can help increase the resale value of a vehicle, just as renovation would to a home.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Will the New F-150 Increase El Segundo Insurance for Auto Body Repair?

The 2015 Ford F-150 will be one of a kind with its aluminum frame. The lighter aluminum frame is expected to reduce the weight of the pickup and increase fuel efficiency without compromise in durability. More importantly, aluminum doesn’t rust, thus making it perfect for owners driving along beaches on a daily basis.

It’s like a dream come true for pickup lovers. For auto body shops like Jim and Jacks, however, aluminum will put them to the ultimate test.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Why DIY if you can Have Reliable Auto Body Repair in Manhattan Beach?

Pretty simple enough for most people, but you would probably be surprised to know that there are still cases of vehicle owners who resort to drastic means just to fix a dent in the bumper or a crack in the windshield, leading to even bigger problems and expenses. If you also wish to get their car fixed, but spend as little money as possible, you should know that it’s more economical – not to mention, logical – to simply go to a repair center. If you can’t move the car, some shops like Jim and Jack’s Collision Center, a well-known El Segundo insurance auto body repair center, can tow it for you.

Going for pro grants you the services of reliable and experienced mechanics who know how to work with almost any vehicle. Not only that, there’s a good chance that they have been trained and/or certified by major manufacturers to conduct the repairs themselves; further proof that they know what they’re doing.

Jim and Jack’s Assists in El Segundo Insurance and Auto Body Repair

El Segundo, California (October 24, 2013) – Jim and Jack’s Collision Center is offering to help their clients with all El Segundo insurance and auto body repair needs. Aside from the restoration and repair of various vehicle types, the company offers comprehensive services for an enhanced customer experience.

Although there are some avoidable auto accidents, these can still happen either due to negligence or due to a system malfunction within the vehicle. The resulting damage may range from a simple scratch to a total wreck. To bring back the convenience of driving their own car in Los Angeles, the owners need to have them repaired at the soonest possible time. Since cars are a big investment, they require reliable auto body repair in Palos Verdes, El Segundo, or any neighboring area.

Car Paint Damage Prevention and Restoration in an Inglewood Body Shop

The problem with fixing car paint is that a paint product or mixture that doesn’t match the rest of the surface might be used. Even worse, if the peeling goes down to the metal, the paint job could come out uneven. To avoid this, it is best to send the vehicle to a highly reputable auto body shop in Inglewood or Palos Verdes.

A trusted auto body shop in Palos Verdes has skilled mechanics who can work on severe car dents which resulted in paint damage. Adding to the efficiency of their workmanship is often a fully armed facility that includes dust-free and temperature-controlled garages. Body shops like Jim & Jack’s Collision Center even highlight perfect paint recovery for vehicles that are severely damaged due to crash.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Efficient Pothole Damage Repair at a Collision Center in Redondo Beach

Responding officers could not determine if the hole was connected with an earlier crash of a cement truck nearby. Closer inspection of the hole showed that some of the frame bars were already sagging from the weight of the vehicles.

Suffering damage from potholes is a dicey occurrence in a place like Los Angeles County, especially to residents of Redondo Beach. The entire county is festooned with thousands of miles of roads, chiefly because of LA’s freeway network. Given that the freeways themselves are often heavy with traffic at varying speeds, the odds of serious pothole damage to a vehicle (and subsequent pileup) is too dangerous to rule out, warranting solutions through a collision center in Redondo Beach such as Jim and Jack’s Collision Center.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Picking a Reputable Rondo Beach Collision Center for Auto Body Repairs

Make it clear to your auto body shop that you want all brand-new, factory original parts used in your car’s repair. In some states, the law allows for used or aftermarket parts to be applied, but if they don’t fit properly or if they don’t match quite right, you have the right to demand new replacement parts that will restore your vehicle to its original condition. Let the shop know that you’re picky and expect high quality work [otherwise] your car might end up with some ill-fitted panels after the work is done, leaving your car devalued and in poor cosmetic condition.

Finding a credible Redondo Beach or El Segundo collision repair center is not the only thing that should be taken care of, however. Make sure to get a copy of the vehicle’s factory warranty and insurance policy to get a faster move on your car’s repair.

Redondo Beach Collision Center Offers Quality Refinishing Services

Hermosa Beach, California (October 24, 2013) – Jim and Jack’s Collision Center is offering quality automotive refinishing services. The renowned Redondo Beach collision center specializes in the repair and restoration of various vehicle types to their pre-damaged condition. They have a paint department for individuals who want their vehicles to obtain a showroom finish.

The auto body shop houses two high pressured and computerized Blowtherm Ultra 2000 spray booths. These state-of-the-art booths are dust-free, ensuring the quality of the refinishing job and enabling an efficient paint application process. More importantly, the spray booth has a controlled temperature to prevent orange peels, runs, blistering, pinholes, and other paint defects from forming on the body’s surface. Under these ideal conditions, the paint department is capable of performing an impeccable job.

Entrust a Damaged Car Frame to an Auto Body Shop in Hermosa Beach

If you are involved in an accident using a vehicle that has already been in a crash, make sure to have the car checked by skilled mechanics in a trusted auto body shop in Hermosa Beach or Hawthorne. The diagnostics and repair skills of these technicians can save your life at the most, or your car’s performance at the very least.

Generally, a serious pileup may render a vehicle inoperable, and vehicle owners may be left with no choice but to have their cars totaled. However, modern car construction techniques have made possible even the repair of a car with a badly wrecked frame or chassis. Over the years, the technology used by notable Hermosa Beach or Hawthorn auto body shops has evolved to surpass the limitations of traditional repairs. The technology has also reduced the risks that come with new accidents with the same car.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pics or They Didn’t Happen? Filing Insurance via a Torrance body shop

Advances in digital imaging technology have enabled accurate picture-taking of any subject matter; in the context of auto insurance, it has become a powerful tool. Everyone wants to be sure of what happened to their vehicle and what steps can be done to save them. If you’ve suffered the ignominy of damage to your ride, send it over to a body shop in Torrance like Jim and Jack’s Collision Center for expedited repair work.

It is important to take establishing shots of the vehicle at each corner for a full analysis; the shots should have the license plate clearly visible. All collision-related damage, especially in the main impact area, need to be shot with adequate lighting and select angles for maximum detail. The damaged parts need to be shot head-on and the pictures to have date stamps, Johnson says.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Can Torrance Auto Body Shops Step Up to Rising Repair Challenges?

The issues pointed out in the excerpt are not the only ones auto body shops will face. Given that each unique material need special tools and methods for repair, body shops will also need to have access to these special requirements, not to mention the training for them to be able to handle it properly.

Then again, car owners can look on the bright side. They can find long-established auto body shops that consistently invest in updated equipment and trained technicians. To narrow the search further, car owners can look for an auto body shop in Torrance that is certified by VeriFacts Automotive, such as Jim & Jack’s Collision Center.

Trusted Auto Body Shop in Torrance Uses High-Tech Repair Equipment

The Blowtherm Ultra 2000 spray booths, meanwhile, provide a dust-free and temperature-controlled setting for car repainting, enabling the finest possible refinishing of the automobile’s exterior coatings. They also provide a computerized color matching system that enables technicians to find a perfect paint match for any car.

These equipment enable Jim & Jack’s Collision Center to provide efficient solutions for various car restoration problems. As a reputable Torrance and Redondo Beach auto body shop, they take pride in their modern facilities and highly skilled staff. Different organizations have certified their business, including the National Auto Body Council and California Autobody Association (CAA). Additionally, they are the exclusive collision center for many premier car dealerships, including Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet Bunnin, and Airport Marina Ford.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

El Segundo Auto Body Specialists Taking Care of Luxury Fender Benders

The prospect of your most-cherished ride suddenly getting nicked on the street will resonate with residents of LA County, particularly El Segundo. At least 6.5 million vehicular accidents occur in the US every year, with fender-benders probably far too many to count; it is even worse when one of the vehicles that were part of the incident is a high-priced vehicle. If you have a very expensive vehicle that was damaged in a fender-bender, consider coursing the repair through El Segundo auto body experts like the crew at Jim and Jack’s.

A reputable El Segundo body shop can fully analyze the vehicle and give a free detailed quote for the job. However, auto crashes have numerous variables and depending on the vehicle, the bill may go up.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

New Resources May Benefit El Segundo Auto Body Shops and Consumers

I-CAR has new resources that may soon benefit El Segundo auto body shops, while at the same time empowering clients in need of automotive repair services.

Dedicated to the vehicle collision inter-industry, I-CAR gives new marketing materials to its Gold Class™ members. These materials enable members to differentiate and promote themselves towards consumers who seek expert collision repair. Other auto body shops may inquire from actual members or the not-for-profit organization itself about the benefits of joining them.

Renowned El Segundo Auto Body Shop Joins the Green Garage Challenge

El Segundo, California (October 29, 2013) – Jim & Jack’s Collision Center, a renowned El Segundo auto body shop, is joining the Green Garage Challenge of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Their involvement in the program is part of their commitment to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment from massive greenhouse gas emissions.

The Green Garage Challenge is a consumer climate rating validation program that aims to improve energy-efficiency in the automotive service and repair industry. The EPA validates and rates organizations that voluntarily submit to the program according to their facility’s energy performance and sustainability initiatives. Those that have passed the evaluation earn the ENERGY STAR label and the Sustainability School training certification.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Experts in Auto Body Repair in Palos Verdes Can Help in Bad Weather

Yet there are some things car owners can do to avoid car damage, and one of these is to get their vehicles washed. An article by Leah Ingram in Parade says that cleaning one’s car regularly help in preventing car repairs:

    “Even in the dead of winter motorists should regularly wash their vehicles to prevent rust and paint damage to the chassis, and to forestall brake line and fuel line corrosion,” said John B. Townsend II, AAA Mid-Atlantic’s Manager of Public and Government Affairs. “Corrosive substances—including winter road or rock salt, sand and brine, slush, and road salt mists—plus grime and oxidization can easily turn a showroom car into a rust-bucket and corrode brake lines, fuel lines, and other parts of the underbody, which would be hard for the average driver to detect.”

Good Inglewood Body Shop Will Repair Cars Damaged by Auto Accidents

In choosing an Inglewood or Palos Verdes body shop, it is important that the owner trusts the body shop who will do the repairs. Car owners should get a trusted body shop to get a breakdown of the estimate to fully understand why they’ll be paying that amount. It is also important to go with word-of-mouth and referrals. If previous customers, such as those of Jim & Jack’s Collision Repair, sing nothing but praises, you can be assured that you will do the same after the repairs.

Vehicles are important aspects of life today, so it is important that a damaged car gets repaired immediately.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Did Your Inglewood Body Shop do the Job? Post-Restoration Inspection

Repairs Checklist

Before you signed off on the form entrusting your car to the shop, you should be apprised of the specific details on their restoration job for it. Aaron Shulenberg, executive director of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists, shares this tip on automotive resource website,

Be clear on what the shop is going to fix and how it will do the repair. Get everything in writing. Ask about the shop’s warranty on its work. When you return, review the paperwork to confirm that the shop did the repairs correctly.

Inglewood Body Shop Offers Repair Services Certified by VeriFacts

Inglewood, California (October 29, 2013) – Jim & Jack’s Collision Center, a trusted auto body shop in Inglewood and nearby areas in Los Angeles County, is offering repair services that are certified by VeriFacts Automotive. VeriFacts is a verification service that evaluates a shop’s ability to perform collision repair in their service area.

Almost every day, auto body shops receive damaged vehicles from car owners either due to a collision or due to any kind of car accident. This is because they specialize in repairing and restoring vehicles to their original state before the damage occurred. To make sure that they can get their vehicles restored successfully, some vehicle owners look for auto body shops with certifications from renowned organizations.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quick and Efficient Car Fix from a Reliable Body Shop in Hermosa Beach

The article stated that two cars were involved in the vehicular tussle. While there were no injuries, a fire hydrant was taken out in the process, and the vehicles involved sustained relatively heavy damage due to the momentum they had. A witness said that vehicular accidents are common on the Pacific Coast Highway.

A considerable number of vehicular accidents happen due to careless driving, disregard of traffic rules and a fatigued driver. One way that drivers can avoid a vehicular accident is by properly following the rules prescribed by the local police department and being a courteous driver on the road.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Facts about Getting Repairs from a Car Body Shop in Hermosa Beach

Your local auto body shop in Hermosa Beach can restore your car exterior should you have an unfortunate fender bender. Shops like Jim & Jack’s Collision Center can even repaint your trusty set of wheels to give it back that nice, shiny, ‘looks new’ feel to it. Before you go on looking for a body shop, though, there are a few things that you first need to keep in mind.


Liability in a road mishap would be based on the role you have in the accident. If you were the victim in the collision, then you might be able to convince your insurance provider to cover the cost of repairs, or even have the party at fault pay up for damages. However, if the accident was due to your own negligence, then better get ready to pony up cash, not only for your own car’s repairs, but your victim’s as well.

Hermosa Beach Body Shop Earns Positive Feedback on

Jim & Jack’s Collision Center specializes on auto-body repair and restoration to remove all signs of damage and make vehicles look brand new. Their certified technicians use up-to-date technology to ensure that their service is of excellent quality.

The company welcomes vehicle owners in the southwestern part of Los Angeles County. Vehicle owners looking for a reliable auto body shop in Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, or other nearby cities can visit to learn more about the company and their services.