Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pics or They Didn’t Happen? Filing Insurance via a Torrance body shop

Advances in digital imaging technology have enabled accurate picture-taking of any subject matter; in the context of auto insurance, it has become a powerful tool. Everyone wants to be sure of what happened to their vehicle and what steps can be done to save them. If you’ve suffered the ignominy of damage to your ride, send it over to a body shop in Torrance like Jim and Jack’s Collision Center for expedited repair work.

It is important to take establishing shots of the vehicle at each corner for a full analysis; the shots should have the license plate clearly visible. All collision-related damage, especially in the main impact area, need to be shot with adequate lighting and select angles for maximum detail. The damaged parts need to be shot head-on and the pictures to have date stamps, Johnson says.


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